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Muzaffer Sevgi SAKARYA

Founder Partner

Muzaffer Sevgi Sakarya was born in Bursa in 1967. She graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law in 1989. In the same year, she completed his internship as an attorney at law within the body of Izmir Bar Association.

Muzaffer Sevgi Sakarya has taken part in numerous trainings related to criminal law in her professional life approaching 30 years and still provides criminal procedure law and conciliation trainings. She has served as a defender in many cases that have had a social impact since 1990. She is also a member of Izmir Business Women’s Association.

The main working areas of her are spesifically criminal law, administrative law and family law.

She speaks English at good level as a foreign language.

Muzaffer Sevgi SAKARYA / Zekiye Özen İNCİ: “6763 Sayılı Kanun Değişikliği Sonrasında Uzlaştırma Uygulamalarına İlişkin Bazı Tespit ve Değerlendirmeler”, Terazi Hukuk Dergisi, No: 141, May 2018, pp. 101-114.


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