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Criminal Law

Our team has extensive experience in criminal law. In this context, we represent clients in the investigation, prosecution and execution phases and provide legal support.

Human Rights Law

Our team represents their clients in the field of human rights law, taking into account fundamental rights violations before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Administrative Law

Our team works in areas such as representing clients before administrative authorities, making administrative applications, conducting administrative processes and actions against legal processes and expropriation.

Real Estate Law

Our team provides consultancy services for all areas of the real estate sector, including the project, zoning plan and licensing stages. In this context, our team has experience in real estate projects, real estate purchases and sales transactions, urban transformation projects, zoning plans, commercial leasing processes, EIA (Enviromental Impact Assessment) and environmental permit processes.

Labour and Social Security Law

Our team serves in the areas of preparation and supervision of personal files working within the framework of corporate governance and resolving disputes between employees and employers.

Our team attaches importance to consulting services at discharging employment contracts. Within this framework, it is among our services that prevent employees from losing their rights in any way by calculating their receivables.

Besides, our team also serves in the conduct of collective bargaining agreements negotiations.

Banking & Financial Law

Our team represents banks, companies, financial institutions, domestic and foreign investors in all kinds of financial transactions and compliance processes.

Company Law & Restructuring Processes

We represent our clients in all legal processes, from the establishment stage of the company to the management and liquidation phase. Within the framework of the representation activities, the company’s relationships with third parties and the internal relations of the company are regulated. In this context, we provide services in the preparation and negotiation of contracts and the arrangement of board and general assembly meetings, organizing or amending the company’s main contract.

Our team is working on establishing corporate governance processes and thus ensuring that companies are integrated into the international market

Our team represents their clients in mergers, spin-offs, sort changes and transfers of companies in many industries. Within the scope of the restructuring, we also represent companies in the process of concordat and bankruptcy.

Transportation Law

Our team provides consultancy services to clients in the fields of maritime, air and land transport law.

Insurance Law

Our team provides consultancy services for their clients’ relationships with insurance companies. We also represent our clients in recourse cases.

Personal Data Protection Law

Our team provides consultancy services together with experts in the field with the aim of strengthening companies’ informatic infrastructure and of compliance with Personal Data Protection Law (No. 6698) and related regulations during and after the adaptation process, taking into account of the growing sensivity in data security nowadays.

Tax Law

Our team provides consultancy services at the fields of the tax restructure of companies, tracking of tax cases, transfer pricing and tax inspection process in the scope of tax and customs regulations.

Dispute Management

Dispute management involves tracking processes relating to our clients’ disputes arising from local or international law. Our team serves in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation processes, principally by focusing on negotiated settlement at first.

In the dispute management process, we carry out extensive and attentive work to prioritize the interests of our clients and ensure their demands.

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